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New store gets the requested Euro Shop look thanks to Publima

Euro Shop chose Publima for their latest shop in Middelkerke close to Ostend. The project was big, technically challenging and due in short time.

The project includes 4 big parts:

1. The box letters were first of all mounted on the side wall. This big box letters with high quality leds guaranty a good visibility during day and night.

2. Integrated led lights were also chosen to illuminated the plexi panel "Polyclip from AG Pklastics". Thanks to the careful choice of the led light we get an equal light spread and durable functioning.

3. At the entree a publicity totem with incorporated light box was also built. This metal totem of 10 metres high was made in the typical Euro Shop design. The panels on and in between the yellow pillars and the big licht box make the new store highly visible. The light box was construct with a high quality banner and long life neon light lamps wiht electronic ballasts. This lightning is very strong and has a duration of life of 50.000 hours. To build safely this huge totem a concrete anchor which was calculated carefully in advance was incorporated in the foundation.

4. The typical totem structure of Euro Shop was built against and around the existing concrete pillars at the side of the street. The yellow structure was built in square-form to fit into a perfect total concept with the pillars. Two led displays indicating constantly the time and temperature with an integrated GPS receptor to guaranty the correct time and to adapt time from summer time to winter time, were incorporated into the structure. The double light boxes were provided with long life neon ligh lamps and electronic ballasts. The sides were carefully closed to insure perfect aesthetics.

Euro Shop chose Publima for this big project because of our experience and expertise of led light which could guaranty the realization of this project within a month.
The result is beautiful and was finished in details on time.