Façade lettering

Every company is unique. We all have an identity, in the world of commerce preferably one with which the public can identify, be part of or feel attracted to.

The lettering on your façade is a first important form of communication with your public. And advertising and lettering go well together. What they see from outside, they will also find inside. What you see is what you get!

Depending on how your façade looks, where you are located, in which sector you work and your available budget, there are various types of façade letters and solutions. Visibility need not be sacrificed to a small budget.

Box letters, relief letters, illuminated or back-lit, materials (stainless steel, aluminium, acrylic and more), the possibilities are broad. Our experts will be pleased to explain these to you and advise you on the best solutions.


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This façade lettering ensures that your name or logo remains visible from any angle. We refer to this as relief lettering, but of course a 3D logo can also be used.

Relief letters are thin 3D letters (8 - 30 mm) that are glued to the wall or light box. These façade letters can also be placed a short distance from the wall using spacers.

Relief letters can also be illuminated. Look at our solutions to find inspiration for your advertising.

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Box letters are like relief letters, so they are clearly visible from any angle. But they are thicker and hollow inside. So, these façade letters can be equipped with durable, high-quality LED bulbs or neon lighting.

Two types of lighting are possible:

  • Direct lighting: The front of the letters is open or made of (coloured) plexiglass.
    This makes the letters themselves seem to emit light.
  • Indirect lighting: Here, it is the back of the letters that radiates light. Because the letters are somewhat removed from the wall by using spacers, they have an incandescent background.

Let our experts explain this to you.


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